UIUC Library Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

UIUC Library Withdrawal Policy and Procedure



The Library is committed to building and preserving an enduring collection to support the research and teaching mission of the University. Given that the Library's collection is an important resource shared throughout the state of Illinois and the world, decisions to withdraw materials are made after careful review and consideration. Subject specialists, preservation personnel and the Office of Collections work in collaboration with faculty, staff and other Library departments to perform this aspect of collection maintenance. Among the factors that collection managers take into account while reviewing items are: subject, including interdisciplinary impact; language; rarity; provenance; format; projected use; physical condition; licensing restrictions on resource sharing; accessibility of electronic formats; and completeness. Deselection of outdated or worn materials is an organic part of the healthy maintenance and growth of the Library's premier collection.


The following policy and procedures govern the withdrawal of materials from the Library collection. These policies and procedures apply to all general collection monographs, serials and audio-visual media and will be reviewed and revised as necessary.


1.0       General Principles

The Library will observe the following guidelines when considering the withdrawal of library materials.


2.0       Procedure for Withdrawing Library Materials

While the process to withdraw materials may be initiated by individuals throughout the University Library, the ultimate decision to withdraw an item rests with the subject specialists, preservation personnel, and the Office of Collections. It is their responsibility to check the online catalog and the condition of other copies in order to properly execute the above principles. No items shall be withdrawn without reference to these bodies, and no item shall be withdrawn without being clearly, physically marked "Withdrawn."


3.0       Disposition of Withdrawn Material

3.1       Materials purchased with State funds and non-State funds

§  May be withdrawn and recycled as scrap. Recycling should be pursued and withdrawn items must be sent to an approved local Illinois recycling program if the material is recyclable. Scrap may not be used for private purposes or private gain.

§  May be offered for credit or exchange for library materials of equal value to a reputable agent or vendor, through the Office of Collections.

§  May be used in another part of the University.

§  May be kept for office use. Later disposal of this material must follow the procedures set forth here.

§  May be transferred to an out-of-state library if not needed by any other state library and only after receipt of approval from the Property Accounting Section who, on behalf of the Library, will first pursue approval from the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. A list of items and their estimated original costs, estimated current value, acquisition dates, and original funding sources must be provided to the Library Business Office.


3.2       Materials received as gifts

3.3       Materials received through external funding sources

3.4       Materials identified as lost/stolen

Approved - 8/2010