Collections Handbook

Information related to librarian's selection responsibilities has been extracted from the Office of Collections' web site and placed into a wiki called the Collections Handbook.  This project was undertaken after an assessment of web page content and comparisons with similar department web sites in peer institutions. The Collections Handbook is intended to capture community practices around selector responsibilities.  Editorial privileges to the wiki have been granted to fund managers who order books and other library resources. The contents of the wiki are available for anyone to view.

Training materials regarding the use of the Collections Handbook are linked off the homepage of the wiki and can also be accessed by the above link. Please contact the wiki master if you need any assistance in-person by email or phone.  David Vess at

Best Practices for editing a wiki:

We are also very grateful to Andrew Reynolds, Research Programmer, CITES Documentation Group and Kate Ower, Manager of CITES Documentation Group for offering to host this space for the Office of Collections.