Newspaper Policy Committee

Note that the Newspaper Committee has been dissolved.

Committee Charge

The Newspaper Policy Committee is advisory to the Associate University Librarian for Collections.  The Committee focuses on the selection, format, access, use, storage and preservation of all newspapers in the UIUC Library.  Taking into consideration the many ways in which newspapers are used by the Library and University community, the Committee examines budgetary issues, new and emerging formats, and the traditional print and microform versions, and plans for the intermediate and long-range future.  It serves as an advocate for newspapers and the particular issues attendant to newspapers within the Library.  In addition, the Newspaper Policy Committee reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations and requests regarding the purchase and accessibility of electronic resources relevant to newspapers to the AUL for Collections.  This group makes recommendations to the AUL for Collections and to the University Librarian about these issues. 

Committee Composition

Members are appointed by the AUL for Collections, to whom the group reports.  The chair of the committee will rotate between the Newspaper Librarian and another committee member on a two-year interval.  Members serve a two-year term and may be reappointed once.  Membership includes representatives from library units with newspaper collections or interests.  It will also include at least one representative of academic units that reflect areas of strength or major usage of newspapers.   The composition of this committee will include seven to nine members. 

The Committee meets at least once a semester and reports on a regular basis to the AUL for Collections and as needed to the Library Collection Development Committee. 

Committee Membership