E-Resources Working Group (ERWG) Form

Note this Work Group was disbanded.

Request for Electronic Resource Purchase

For assistance with this form please contact ERWG Chairperson Karen Schmidt

Acquiring electronic resources is primarily the responsibility of subject selectors in the various disciplines. Highly interdisciplinary resources or those of a very general nature are eligible for consideration for purchase on library-wide funds as they are available. This form is used to request the purchase of these types of resources. Please complete the Electronic Resources Evaluation Checklist (hotlink) and submit it with this request.

Resource Description

  1. Title and Publisher (BOX 1)
  2. Briefly describe the product including date and subject coverage ( BOX 2)
  3. Describe resource’s type of access (default is campus-wide web). If this resource is not available through a campus-wide web connection, please specify the mode of access. ( BOX 3)
  4. Explain any limitations to off-campus, proxy server access. ( BOX 4)

Priority and Justification

  1. Describe the priority status of this resource within your collection. Names of other selectors supporting this purchase should be listed in Box 18). ( BOX 5)
  2. How will this resource improve or expand content in this field? ( BOX 6)
  3. Please estimate the number researchers on campus who will benefit from and use this resource. ( BOX 7)

Vendor/Pricing/Licensing Information

  1. Vendor name and sales person contact information ( BOX 8)
  2. Price quote, date and any timeframe to price quote (if available)( BOX 9)
  3. URL for technical assistance, product information, license ( BOX 10)
  4. Any obvious license limitations (see checklist)? ( BOX 11)

Funding Information

  1. Funding amount requested ( BOX 12)
  2. Is this product a one-time purchase or an ongoing commitment? ( BOX 13)
  3. How much funding are you able to contribute to this purchase? ( BOX 14)
  4. How much funding are other funds able to contribute to this purchase? ( BOX 15)
  5. Are there other costs associated with this purchase (i.e. cataloging records, equipment)? ( BOX 16)

Requestor Information

  1. Name and contact information of primary requestor ( BOX 17)
  2. Name and contact information of resource supporters ( BOX 18)If multiple funds are to be used to purchase this resource, list them here with the amounts to be charged to each fund. ( BOX 19)
  3. Comments and clarifications, i.e. is application date-dependent? (BOX 20)