CDC A&I Review Task Force


CDC A&I Review Task Force


This task force is charged with conducting a broad review of the A&I services licensed by the University Library with the intent of highlighting those resources that are unique and necessary as well as identifying those that provide significant levels of redundancy. This group will develop evaluation criteria, review the content, make recommendations about the types of A&I services to be managed centrally versus by individual funds, and to make recommendations about what resources to cancel.


Recommendations of the task force will be acted upon by the Office of Collections after seeking input from CDC.



The University Library must turn a critical eye toward the types of resources it is supporting, and it must do this in a systematic manner. I believe that this is necessary for three reasons:






Cindy Ingold*

Bill Mischo*

Wendy Shelburne*

Tom Teper*

Katie Newman* (Greg Youngen substitute as necessary)*