Speech Communication Collection

I. Collection Description


To support teaching and research in Speech Communications. This area is part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and includes all levels of study from the A.B. to the Ph.D. degree.

History of Collection:

Since the University Library first opened, a collection supporting speech, rhetoric and oral interpretation has been maintained.

Estimate of Holdings:

30,150 volumes.

State, Regional and National Importance:

Not known to be outstanding.

Unit Responsible for Collecting:

Education and Social Sciences Library.

Location of Materials:

Bookstacks largely; a small collection of books in the Education and Social Sciences Library.

Citations of Works Describing the Collection:

None known.

II. General Collection Guidelines


Standard statement.

Chronological Guidelines:

No restrictions.

Geographical Guidelines:

U.S., Great Britain, and other Commonwealth nations.

Treatment of Subject:

Standard statement. This collection includes the following: rhetorical works (the speech act); oral interpretation; public address or debate; oration, and all other items relating to spoken communication other than speech pathology or linguistics. The Communications Library and the Undergraduate Library also collect on a general basis the same subjects described above.

Types of Materials:

Standard statement.

Date of Publication:

Standard statement.

Place of Publication:

No restrictions.

III. Collection Responsibility by Subject Subdivisions with Qualifications, Levels of Collecting Intensity, and Assignments

Below is a table that lists specific subject subdivisions within the collection. Each row in the table lists a specific subject subdivision, followed by three columns noting: Collection Strength, Primary Assignments and Secondary Assignments. The Existing Collecting Strength column notes how well the existing collection covers that topic on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being very strong. The Primary Assignments column lists departmental libraries that have the greatest collection intensity of subject materials, respectively. In the case of 2 or more libraries listed, the collection intensity is comparable. The Secondary Assignments column list departmental libraries where additional materials may be found.

Speech Communication Collection
Rhetoric and public address 4 Speech
Oral interpretation 4 Speech
Argumentation and debate 4 Speech


Version Date: August 2006