Political Science Collection Description

The collection is maintained by the Education & Social Science Library.

The Political Science collection supports the work of the Department of Political Science. There is a great deal of interdisciplinary cooperation and interdepartmental research, especially with anthropology, business administration, economics, history, law, philosophy, sociology and the centers for African studies, Asian studies and Latin American and Caribbean studies. At the state and regional level, the collection is an outstanding resource for researchers in all fields of the discipline. International relations and conflict resolution are particularly strong. The collection consists of 175,000 volumes of which 20,000 volumes of political science monographs of current interest and a broad selection of journals are held in the Education and Social Science Library. The Bookstacks contain approximately 150,000 volumes; the History Philosophy and Newspaper Library, Mathematics, and Undergraduate Libraries have another 5,000 volumes dealing with political science subjects.

Revised December 2006