History of Science Collection Description

The collection is maintained by the each of the science libraries, the Rare Book and Special Collections Library, and most of the area studies bibliographers purchase in this field. The History and Philosophy Librarian is responsible for acquiring general works in the history of science and for supplementation of the collection efforts of others.

The History of Science Collection supports instruction and research in the history of various scientific disciplines. The collection has been developed extensively for years by departmental librarians and the special collections librarian in conjunction with scholars. Because of the magnitude of the science holdings of the University Library, the collections are of considerable significance nationally. The Geology and Mathematics collections are, however, the most extensive and distinguished among the scientific fields. Materials in this field are found in the science libraries, the Undergraduate Library, the Rare Book and Special Collections Library, the History and Philosophy Library, the Bookstacks and in other locations on a random basis.

Version Date: April, 2005