German Language & Literature Collection Description

The collection is maintained by the Modern Languages & Linguistics Library.

The German Language and Literature Collection supports teaching and research in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literature, through the doctoral level in the languages, literature, and culture of the German-speaking peoples and, to a lesser extent, of the Dutch-speaking peoples. The field is also of interest to faculty with students in comparative literature, Western European, Africana, and Jewish studies. German language and literature materials have been routinely acquired since the inception of the University in 1867 with ongoing book selection, fortuitous bequests, and large en bloc purchases of several collections around the turn of the century. The library's holdings of both primary source materials (standard definitive editions, original editions, manuscripts, etc.) and works of secondary criticism are very strong for almost all time periods and genres. The collection is composed of 136,425 volumes.

Version Date: May, 2007