Biological Sciences Collection Description

The collection is maintained by primarily by the Biology Library.

The Biological Sciences collection supports teaching and research in the School of Life Sciences in all areas of biology, theoretical or applied. The collection also supports teaching and research in related fields such as agriculture, anthropology, applied life studies, engineering, geology, natural history, physics, and veterinary science, to name a few. The majority of the biological sciences collection, some 115,000 volumes, is located in the Biology Library. Portions of the collection are also located in the Natural History Survey (36,000 volumes), the Bookstacks (20,000 volumes), and the remaining volumes are located in various other departmental libraries. The biological sciences collection is preeminent in the state and region, with a distinguished reputation as one of the finest collections in the nation. Holdings in taxonomy and systematics of flora and fauna are especially strong.

Version Date: December, 2006