Applied Health Sciences

I. Collection Description


The collection supports the teaching and research of the College of Applied Life Studies and the Department of Dance. The departments of Health and Safety Studies, Leisure Studies, and Physical Education offer programs leading to a Ph.D., while the Department of Dance offers an M.F.A. degree.

History of Collection:

1949 was the year the first doctoral degree in physical education was awarded and also the year in which about 4,000 books were pulled from the general collection and physically arranged together in the new Physical Education Library. This collection was initially designed to support class reading assignments with only a few items of interest to the graduate students and faculty and a core reference collection. However, by 1952, book selection was geared more toward support of graduate and faculty research with master's degrees offered in both Recreation and Health Education that year.In 1975, the name of the College was changed from Physical Education to Applied Life Studies to reflect more accurately the College's mission. One month later, in July 1975, the name of the library followed suit.Over the years, the collection has reflected the interdisciplinary nature of the departments served and has grown to reflect not only the depth of materials produced in the field, but also the new fields developing within those disciplines.

Estimate of Holdings:

96,000 volumes.

State, Regional and National Importance:

The Applied Life Studies collection is a highly regarded resource of the state, the region, and the nation. Its prominence is evidenced by its selection by G. K. Hall to have its card catalog published in book form: Dictionary Catalog of the Applied Life Studies Library, V. 1-4 and Its First Supplement, v. 1-2.

Unit Responsible for Collecting:

Applied Life Studies Library, although there are interdisciplinary collection activities occurring in the Education and Social Sciences, Biology, and Health Sciences Libraries.

Location of Materials:

A core collection of approximately 23,000 volumes, 16,000 uncataloged microforms, and 386 cataloged microfilms as of June 1983 are housed in the Applied Life Studies Library. Older and/or supplementary materials are housed in the Bookstacks consisting of approximately 73,000 volumes. In addition, there are complementary collections housed in the Education and Social Sciences, Biology, Health Sciences, and Undergraduate Libraries.

Citations of Works Describing the Collection:

Ash, Lee, ed. Subject Collections, 5th ed. New York: Bowker, 1978, p. 1030.

Dictionary Catalog of the Applied Life Studies Library, v. 1-4.Boston: G.K. Hall, 1977, and First Supplement v. 1-2, 1982.

II. General Collection Guidelines


Standard statement.

Chronological Guidelines:

No restrictions. The emphasis is on acquiring current literature covering ancient Greek civilization to the present.

Geographical Guidelines:

No restrictions, although the emphasis is on United States, German, and British Commonwealth materials.

Treatment of Subject:

Standard statement.

Types of Materials:

Standard statement.

Date of Publication:

Standard statement.

Place of Publication:

No restrictions.

III. Collection Responsibility by Subject Subdivisions with Qualifications, Levels of Collecting Intensity, and Assignments

Below is a table that lists specific subject subdivisions within the collection. Each row in the table lists a specific subject subdivision, followed by three columns noting: Collection Strength, Primary Assignments and Secondary Assignments. The Existing Collecting Strength column notes how well the existing collection covers that topic on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being very strong. The Primary Assignments column lists departmental libraries that have the greatest collection intensity of subject materials, respectively. In the case of 2 or more libraries listed, the collection intensity is comparable. The Secondary Assignments column list departmental libraries where additional materials may be found.

Applied Health Sciences Collection
Dance-Ballet 4 Applied Life  
Dance-Ballroom dancing 2 Applied Life  
Dance-Choreography 4 Applied Life  
Dance-Contemporary 4 Applied Life  
Dance-Dance medicine 3 Applied Life  
Dance-Dance production 2 Applied Life  
Dance-Dance therapy 3 Applied Life  
Dance-Folk and national dance 3 Applied Life  
Dance-History of dance 4 Applied Life  
Dance-Notation 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Community health education 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Drug abuse education 4 Applied Life Education
Health Education-Environmental health 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Epidemiology 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Health data analysis 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Health planning and administration 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Occupational health 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Personal health 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Public health 4 Applied Life  
Health Education-Sex education 4 Applied Life Education
Physical Education-Activity (skills) 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Adapted physical education 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Administration 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Biosciences (exercise, exercise ergonomics, kinesiology, physiology, sports biomechanics) 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Physical therapy 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Professional preparation (teaching) 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Sports (anthropology of play, history, law of sport, philosophy of sport, sport psychology, sociology of sport) 4 Applied Life  
Physical Education-Sports medicine 4 Applied Life  
Recreation-Camping 4 Applied Life  
Recreation-Environmental education 4 Applied Life Education
Recreation-Leisure (theory, history, behavior) 4 Applied Life  
Recreation-Outdoor recreation 4 Applied Life City Planning
Recreation-Recreation and park administration/management 4 Applied Life City Planning
Recreation-Recreation resources and facilities 3 Applied Life City Planning
Recreation-Therapeutic recreation 4 Applied Life  
Recreation-Tourism (sociology, economics) 3 Applied Life  
Safety Education-Occupational safety 3 Applied Life  
Safety Education-Safety instruction 3 Applied Life  
Safety Education-Safety management 3 Applied Life  


Revision Date: July 2006