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Air,Rail, and Bus Travel 

When making Commercial Air, Rail, and Bus travel accommodations, seek the lowest available fare that meets the needs of the University and the convenience of the traveler.  The preferred method for purchasing travel tickets is with the T-Card.

Send an itinerary of your choice to Kim Hutcherson for booking.

The Library preferred online agency  would be booking directly with the airline.  You can put your booking on HOLD and send Kim the locator number.  

University Vehicles

University passenger vehicles for use while on University-related business are assigned by the Transportation Facility for UIUC Garage and Car Pool.

Contact Kim Hutcherson to reserve a vehicle with the information listed below at least two weeks in advance.  If the vehicle is available, a car reservation number will be assigned.  Pick up the completed form a day before the departure.

Details may vary by campus, but in general, when a motor vehicle is operated in a city served by a campus car pool office, that campus car pool office must furnish all gasoline, oil, service, and repairs.  When a motor vehicle is operated outside a city served by a campus car pool office, the credit card furnished with the motor vehicle should be used for the purchase of gasoline, oil service, and repairs under $50.  Any car cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the pick up time.  Late cancellations will be billed up to $50

Car Rentals

Through its affiliation with the "Big Ten", University employees can obtain discounted rates on rental vehicles from National Car Rental.

When renting a car purchase with your own cash, check, or charge, do not accept the Optional Loss Damage Waiver unless you are renting a car in a foreign country while on University business.  For in-country travel, when the U of I ID number is used, the Optional Loss Damage Waiver is included in the negotiated program with National Car Rental. Other agencies do not include this waiver and it is not reimbursable. 

When returning from your business trip, submit your rental agreement and paid, balance zero receipt for reimbursement.