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How do I place an order for a book?

To order a book, follow these instructions (or view a printable flowchart):

  1. Check to see if we own the book by searching for it in Voyager Acquisitions (see instructions below) OR, since we no longer suppress orders from the OPAC, most of them will appear there and you can search the title there.  Use the Voyager Acquisitions module if you would like to search by your fund.  Also, fund reports are run every Tuesday and are available in each fund manager's own folder in G:\VoyagerFundReports.

    To search Voyager Acquisitions:
    • Log onto Voyager Acquisitions.
      Operator ID: view
      Password: onlyonly
    • Choose any Receiving location.
    • Under Search Line Items, choose Bibliographic Info to search for title or ISBN.
    • Click Search once the title is found.
    • Double-click the line item to view it.(Further instructions on searching are available ). 
    • Note that if it is a recently ordered book, it may not appear in the OPAC, as some items on order are suppressed from the online catalog.

    For added copies: Proceed directly to the fill out the online order form. Please do NOT use GOBI for added copies. Duplicates are not encouraged, except under special circumstances (such as for Reserves).
    For rush materials: Proceed directly to fill out the online order form.  Please do NOT use GOBI for rush materials.
    Maps, A/V materials, and foreign (non-UK and non-Canadian) materials
    : Proceed directly to fill out the online order form. Please do NOT use GOBI for rush materials.


  2. For basic US, Canadian and U.K imprints, search for it in GOBI (further instructions about GOBI are available).  Place the order in GOBI if it is available there.

    NOTE: We also work with vendors in Spain, Italy, Germany and France.  If you order from publishers in those locations, please contact us to get set up with one of those systems (Casalini, Harrassowitz, and Aux Amateurs de Livres).

    NOTE:  For new titles, it is possible that another selector has ordered the book in GOBI before you, but that the record has not yet been loaded in Voyager (there is a lag of several days before the records are loaded in Voyager).  If you see a line beginning "Exported" followed by a date, click that link to see if it was already exported.  Note the fund associated with the top most Action in the list.  If this is PDA-625, this signifies that the title appears in the OPAC for a patron to request that we purchase it (i.e. Patron Driven Acquisitions).  If it is a different fund, this signifies that the title has been ordered already.  If it has already been ordered and you still wish to order an added copy, please use the online order form.
  3. If the item is not available in GOBI, place an order for it using the online order form.
  4. NOTE: Access to the online order form is restricted to fund managers and their staff approved for placing orders.  Please contact Stephanie Baker or Lynn Wiley,  in Acquisitions for access to this form.