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How do I check to see if a monograph has been claimed ?

There are two ways to see if a monograph has been claimed. Information about claims can be viewed on both the purchase order and the order maintenance screens.

  1. If a monograph has not been received within 60 days after being ordered, Voyager flags it for possible claiming.
  2. Acquisitions claiming staff review the list of monographs flagged for claiming every two weeks. Claims are generally placed for all flagged items, with the following exceptions:
    • Items for which vendors have sent publication reports stating that an item is not yet published, publication has been delayed, etc. Notes to this effect can be found in the line item note of the item in question.
    • Some items ordered from foreign vendors whose shipping is often delayed. 
  3. A claim notice is generated for each item claimed and sent to the vendor.
  4. Viewing the status of a line item through its purchase order:

    • Search for the item in Voyager Acquisitions under "Search Orders" (more information about searching Voyager Acquisitions can be found here ).
    • Find the correct line item on the order; the status will be listed directly to the left of the title. If the item has been claimed, this status will show as "Claimed". 
    • To view more information about the claim (such as the date of claim), click the line item and click the Details button. Click the Claims tab. 
    • For additional information (such as expected date of publication, if available), click the Notes tab.

    Viewing claims through the Order Maintenance Screen:

    • Click on Order Maintenance on the list bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and then click on Claims.
    • Enter your search criteria (for example, everything claimed after a certain date, a vendor name, or bibliographic info such as title) and click Find.
    • The Claimed Line Items tab shows monographs for which a claim has been placed. Use the column headings to determine when a claim was placed, if it was the first time a claim was placed, the reason for the claim, and the person who placed the claim.
    • For additional information, click the plus sign to the left of the title. This will show all of the claim dates if the title was claimed more than once and the vendor's response if available.
  5. If an item is not received within 60 days after the first claim is sent, a second claim is sent. Items will be claimed up to a total of three times. If the item is still not received after three claims have been sent to the vendor, the order is left open until either a) the item is received, or b) the library that placed the order requests that the order be cancelled; however, a fourth claim is generally not sent to the vendor.

This process of predictive claiming catches the majority of items not received in a timely fashion from our vendors. However, if there is an item which has not yet been claimed and for which you would like to submit a claim, please contact Katie Clayton in Acquisitions at 244-4676.