Quick Links

How do I....?

Ordering an order for a book?

... place an order for a serial? an order for media?

...see a list of everything ordered on my fund this fiscal year?

...find information about something that might be on order?


GOBI an order using GOBI for firm orders and approval notification (slip) orders?

...use shared folders in GOBI?


Approval Plan

...use the approval plan form slips to request a title?



.. .check to see if a monograph has been claimed?

.. .check to see if a serial has been claimed?



...look up serials check-in information for serials checked in centrally? an order for a serial?

. ..cancel an order for a serial?

...cancel an order for a print serial but retain or add electronic access to it?



...tell if something has been paid?

...view payments made before FY2004 (July 2003)?


Managing Funds

... set things up as a new fund manager?

.. .view my fund reports?

.. .read my fund reports?

... find out what all those fund codes stand for?


Accessing Resources

. ..get permission to access Acquisitions resources?


Using Voyager Acquisitions

... print a screen from Voyager Acquisitions?