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How do I find out if a serial has been claimed ?

There are two ways to see if an issue of a serial has been claimed. Information about claims can be viewed on both the check-in screen and the order maintenance screen.

  1. For in-depth information about individual issues or titles checked-in centrally, you will need to open Voyager Acquisitions.  Use the following information to log on:
  2. Operator ID: view
    Password: onlyonly

  3. When prompted to “select a receiving location,” highlight your unit or choose Acquisitions.

  4. If this is your first time using Voyager Acquisitions on a particular computer, then you will need to set your Voyager Acquisitions client preferences and workflows.  See the document Acquisitions Preferences and Workflows for Fund Managers and Ordering Staff (restricted to UIUC Library staff).

    Most importantly, make sure to check “Automatic truncation for non-keyword searches” under Tools / Workflows / Searching.

  5. Using the Check-in Screen:

    Click on Check-In on the list bar on the left-hand side of the screen, select Serials Check-in from that menu, and then search by the title or ISSN of the journal. If more than one title is returned, pick the title with holdings at the appropriate library.  (If no titles are returned, then the journal may be received directly.)

    The "Issue(s) in Hand" box shows issues that we expect to receive in the future. PRIOR TO JUNE 2006, notes were added when an issue was claimed. For example, an issue claimed on March 2, 2006 would have the note "****clmd 3-2-06****" at the end of the issue's identifying information.

    All claims (both before and after June 2006) can be viewed by clicking on the History button below the check-in information. The Claims History tab identifies the claim type (for example, "no copies received" or "imperfect copy supplied"), the date the claim was placed, how many times the particular issue has been claimed (in the "claims" column), and who submitted the claim to the vendor (in the "operator" column).

  6. Using the Order Maintenance Screen:

    Click on Order Maintenance on the list bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and then click on Claims. Enter your search criteria (for example, everything claimed after a certain date, a vendor name, or bibliographic info such as title) and click Find.

    The Claimed Issues tab shows serials for which a claim has been placed. Use the column headings to determine when a claim was placed, if it was the first time a claim was placed for an issue, the reason for the claim, and the person who placed the claim.

    For questions about a claim placed on a particular item, contact Naomi Crow in Acquisitions at 333-1054.