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Sharing Folders: Naming Conventions

Your can set up your own personal folders of wish lists or your own selection work in progress. You can also SHARE a folder with all. However you can't share with just a few, it is all or nothing.  Shared folders work best if we name them in a simple way.

Here is the recommendation:  If you want to refer items on for purchase, then start by calling the folder REFERRALS. Then append the type. Undergrad gets a lot of referrals as a library taking a lot of the more general material.  So the best name there is REFERRALS-Undergrad (already set up).   This is different from an interdisciplinary group where you may want to be sure someone sees an item covering such an area and that the group makes sure these items are reviewed. The folders can facilitate that. So REFERALS Environmental studies would be a logical one. Another type of folder may be QUESTIONS, and here they may things like problems you can set aside to review as in QUESTIONS-Profile.  Here only real problematic items should be selected , not items you know should be ordered. If you do need immediate action, email your colleague (or Beverley at YBP for problems)  as the Shared folders do require that others look and make decisions on items

Please try to follow these conventions when naming a folder to be sure all your colleagues can quickly scan and select the folder they may need to review.