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Big Package Terms to Consider before Cancelling


Under 3 year, 3 campus (UIC, UIUC, and UIS) contract.  Agreement between the campuses is to retain one print copy per campus.  If you need to go e-only on a journal, please contact Tom Teper and Wendy Shelburne so that they can discuss with the other campuses.

Price increase capped at 5.5%.  There can only be 1% outright cancellation each year for the total contract (all 3 campuses).  Base subscription spend is $2,123,594.20 for the three campuses so the maximum allowable cancellation total for all three campuses is $21,235.94.  Print subscriptions can be converted to e-only at a 10% savings off of the subscription price without penalty.  Cancellations must be reviewed by AUL for Collections working with the other campuses before confirmed.

These terms apply only to titles on the 2006 contract available on:
G:\Collections Info\Elsevier2006\elsevierIllinois2006titleslist.xls



We are at the end of a three year consortial agreement via CIC. This agreement will be renewed in January 2007.  Increases are capped at 6%.  Titles converted to e-only will save the 6% dual access fee and the shipping and handing on the print (s&h is paid at the fund level).  Maximum allowable cancellation for this contract is approximately $36,000 (7.5%) over a THREE year period of an approximate $519,000.00 base or 2.5% annually.   This agreement will renew under similar terms in January 2007.


John Wiley and Sons

Wiley titles are on a consortial site license with CIC through 2008.  Renewal cost information will come directly from Wiley based on this contract.  For our contract the titles are under flip pricing and we pay for the e-only sub plus a deeply discounted price for the print title where we have retained it.  For example, International Journal of Numerical Modelling at 2006 subscription price cost: $1,245.38 for the electronic subscription. The print copy that came with the e-sub (e+p) was an additional:  $150.50.  Our cancellation allowance is 2% annually, which is approximately $8,000 of a base of approximately $400,000.


Blackwell STM collection

This is an annual agreement via CARLI. We CANNOT OUTRIGHT CANCEL ANY TITLES in the STM collection. We can, however, trade out for items of equal or close to equal value.  The current title list for the Blackwell Synergy STM Collection can be found in ORR using this link.

More details forthcoming on converting Blackwell titles to e-only.