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FY98 Acquisitions/Binding Annual Report

JULY 1, 1997-JUNE 30, 1998

The Year in Perspective

This was a very successful year for the people in the Acquisitions and Binding area. We undertook a vast array of different types of work this year such as the creation of the Acquisitions web page, learning how to use Windows 95 and Word, and helped develop a new process for gift processing. We sponsored the Library Booksale which raised more than $4000.00 for new materials or services for the Library. We had access to OCLC for the first time and staff began doing OCLC searching. We began thinking about the formation of teams in Technical Services and all staff attended team training sessions. Many staff members were active and valuable participants on the Library Staff Steering Committee and various DRA implementation committees. All of this we did while canceling and reinstating more than 400 serial titles, learning a new binding system, learning how to use a credit card for purchases, paying invoices in a very timely manner, and keeping current on work so that the only backlog which developed was due to a staffing shortage in Binding. The people in Acquisitions are proud of the work that they accomplished this year.

Karen Schmidt left Acquisitions after 15 years as the Acquisitions Librarian and assumed the responsibilities of Director of Collections and Assessment. Lisa German became Acting Acquisitions Librarian in August, 1997. The staff in the department continued to be very supportive during this transition.

Much time was spent in the fall, 1997, canceling serials in response to a very tight budget year. Thanks to campus support, we were able to reinstate many of the canceled titles over the winter months. Many people in Acquisitions were involved in this process, but Beth Trotter and Jaelyn Jefferson worked tirelessly to make sure that records were complete and that cancellations were done accurately.

In November, 1997, an ad hoc training task force was set up led by Paula Watson which included Lisa German. Plans were made to train library personnel in Windows 95 and Word in preparation for DRA implementation. Every staff member in Acquisitions received both Windows and Word training. Staff really enjoyed learning new skills and embraced them with vigor. This has resulted in a much more technologically capable Acquisitions Staff. Jeff Carrico, Marci Uihlein, and Mary Anderson led the training efforts.

We were able to put in place the new procedures worked out last year for paying the Ebsco invoices faster than ever before. Thanks to the very hard work of Jaelyn Jefferson and Duane and Edith from the Library Business Office, we were able to process our renewal invoice in record time, thus saving thousands of dollars in late charges.

This winter saw the first iteration of the Acquisitions Department web page. Jeff Carrico spent many hours designing, redesigning and fine tuning the page. We were very proud that it was given a four star rating on Acqweb, the web site for Acquisitions Librarians.

During the spring, Acquisitions staff met with Alvan Bregman, Head, Research and Planning for Technical Services so that he could better understand the workflow in Acquisitions. Team training sessions were arranged for all Technical Services staff. Staff began thinking about the impact of an integrated system on their work lives.

The Binding Unit learned how to use the new bindery’s online system. They adjusted well to working with Binding Unlimited and for most of the year had no backlog. We sponsored three binding forums which allowed staff throughout the library to have productive, frank discussions with the new binder.

Finally, Staff spent many hours working on aspects of DRA implementation, particularly Jim Remington, Beth Trotter, Lisa Fielder, Lynda Wirth, Jeff Carrico, Julie Watkins, and Lisa German. This spring, Jeff Carrico helped develop an on order shelf list which is proving to be a great help to library staff during the transition to DRA. We appreciate the inputting work which Joyce Catchings and Willa Harper are doing.

Outlook for next Year and Beyond

More changes will occur in Acquisitions and Binding within the next two years than people saw in the preceding twenty. The Acquisitions Department will cease to exist and the Acquisitions Team will be formed along side the other Technical Services teams. This will necessitate people changing the manner in which they interact with their work and with each other. Closer communication between Acquisitions and Cataloging will begin to take place.

Due to the new purchasing rules of the State of Illinois, Acquisitions will need to write more RFP’s for large purchases. The way we do business with vendors will become more formalized. We will need to work closely with the Library Business Office to insure that we both meet the needs of the Library and the intent of the state purchasing rules.

The most exciting event which will occur this year is the implementation of the DRA acquisitions module. Acquisitions and serials team staff will be working hard this year to prepare for implementation.

Technology and the Unit

Acquisitions staff have continued to grow in their knowledge and technological capabilities. We began to use Microsoft Access to help monitor the exchange program. We are using Access to input order record data which is accessible via the web. All staff read email regularly and with ease. We continue to order and claim via our vendors web based systems. We are very excited at the prospect of using web based purchase order forms, being able to import bibliographic data into our ILS via our vendor, being able to produce fund reports in a format that meets both the needs of auditors and of selectors.

Most all staff received computers this year and we are voicing our needs for scanners. It will be imperative that we have scanners once we have access to the DRA acquisitions system.

Space and Facilities

Because of attrition, the number of people in Acquisitions decreased by three last year. We now have enough space in Rm. 246 so that we can effectively do our jobs. The lack of any ergonomic furniture is an enormous problem for the staff in Acquisitions. People are using desks that were equipped to hold typewriters, not computers. Desks are very high, there are no foot rests, and we have had incidents of carpal tunnel syndrome this year. An ergonomic workplace should be a priority of this library if we are going to ask people to sit at computers 7.5 hours per day.

The binding workplace is still very cramped. No new space was identified to temporarily store binding boxes that are now kept in the binding area since the new binder picks up material every two weeks. Supervising a unit two floors below my office is problematic. Personnel issues arise when half of Rm. 12 reports to a different supervisor.

Observations on Statistics of FY 1998

The statistical report is attached. In comparing this past fiscal year to the previous one, some highlights emerge:


Professional Staff, FTE 1.0
Graduate Assistants, FTE .25
Staff, FTE 25.25
Students, FTE 2.75

ROSTER Date of 1st Employment End date of Employment
Lisa German 11/1/96  
Graduate Assistant    
Sarah DuChene 01/17/97  
Betty Albert 8/27/56  
Mary Anderson 12/11/79  
Irene Bauman 8/5/96 12/97
Jessica Beverly 9/1/96  
Jeffrey Carrico 2/14/94  
Joyce Catchings 2/25/88  
David Chapman 2/2/81  
Kathryn Clayton 2/7/94  
Naomi Crow 6/12/95  
Renee Ellis 9/1/96  
Lisa Fielder 7/14/86  
Willa Harper 8/12/85  
Harry Hendershot 2/2/81  
Karen Huffman 5/21/95  
Jaelyn Jefferson 2/15/82  
Betsy Karlberg 12/9/85  
Pat Lee 2/26/95 11/97
Marilyn Lindholm 6/16/86  
Tonya McCoy 6/16/96  
Linda Morris 1/4/89  
Sudha Ramaswamy 9/13/93  
James Remington 4/19/93  
Lucille Roberts 6/9/70  
Annette Schoenberg 10/5/78  
Betty Smith 11/4/85  
Debbie Smith 2/10/97 8/97
Beth Trotter 8/31/82  
Marci Uihlein 1/18/94 5/98
Julie Watkins 7/27/76  
Charlotte Wingstrom 5/16/77  
Lynda Wirth 3/13/80  


Acquisitions and Binding - Statistics FY 1998


Grand Totals

Monographic Orders 20,372
Serial Orders 167
Monographic Cancellations 320
Serial Cancellations 697 (416 titles were reinstated)
Serial Retires 70
Total Serial Title Loss 351
Monographic Receipts Total Pieces 90,188
Serials New Titles Added 167
Binding totals 29,476