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FY97 Acquisitions/Binding Annual Report


JULY 1, 1996-JUNE 30, 1997

The Year in Perspective

Acquisitions and Binding dealt with many new changes. These included hiring a new Assistant Acquisitions and Binding Librarian, integrating gifts and exchange work that had formerly been handled in Special Collections, revending 1000 standing orders from Blackwell North America to Academic Book Center, choosing a new binding vendor, and conducting a thorough review of the University Press Blanket Order plan. Several staff members spent time on various DRA teams in preparation for the transition to an integrated system.

Lisa German was hired as the Assistant Acquisitions Librarian and Binding Librarian and joined the faculty in November, 1996. This position was vacant for three months following the move of Merdy Smith to Automated Services. Karen Schmidt’s sabbatical began after Prof. German’s arrival. All Acquisitions/Binding staff are to be commended for their high degree of cooperation and hard work while adapting to a different manager.

Managing the gifts and exchange functions of the former Special Collections Office became the responsibility of the Acquisitions/Binding Department in August of 1996. Two of the three staff members formerly assigned to that office moved to the Acquisitions Department. We have begun integrating gift and exchange functions into the Acquisitions routine and we continue to work to identify what we receive on exchange from our approximately 1500 exchange partners.

One thousand standing orders were transferred from Blackwell North America to Academic Book Center, the publisher-based approval plan vendor for the library. This transition was done to capitalize on a better discount offered by Academic for both the standing orders and to increase our discount on all approval plan books. This transition was completed very efficiently and competently.

Much time was spent in 1996/97 evaluating the publisher list of the university press blanket order plan. This evaluation was done in conjunction with representatives from departmental libraries. The end result is a pared down list of university press publishers that all selectors feel are important for the collection. Continued evaluation of the approval plan will be done in fiscal year 1998.

Both Acquisitions Librarians, Beth Trotter, Lynda Wirth, Jeff Carrico and Julie Watkins contributed work to either the DRA Acquisitions/Fund Accounting team or the Serials Control Implementation Team. Work being done by acquisitions staff members included flowcharting existing acquisitions and serials procedures. More work will continue to be done this next year as we move towards DRA implementation.

The binding contract was up for renewal in June of 1997 and a new bid was issued in April. ICI/Binding Unlimited was the successful bidder and service will begin with them in July, 1997. The binding staff should be recognized for their calmness through the bid process. This was a very difficult time for the staff not knowing who the next binder would be. The transition to Heckman only two years before was very difficult and they remembered that change.

Acquisitions staff worked with the Library Business Office to institute changes in the way Ebsco renewal invoices are processed in order to pay them in as timely a manner as possible. Jaelyn Jefferson, serials invoice approval coordinator, will assume some additional accounting functions to facilitate this process.

Finally, reacting to the report of consultant Arlene Taylor, the Acquisitions Librarians participated in a retreat of the technical services librarian to begin thinking about how technical services will change as a result of moving to an integrated system. This one day retreat was an opportunity to share ideas with our colleagues and to brainstorm possible scenarios in an integrated environment.

Outlook for Next Year and Beyond

Next year will be an incredible year of transition for the Acquisitions Department. Karen Schmidt, Head of Acquisitions for the past 15 years will be assuming the position of Director of Collections and Assessment at the UIUC library. Acquisitions/Binding staff will feel the loss of her leadership, mentoring, and guidance and we’re all very happy that her new office will not be far away. Lisa German, Assistant Acquisitions Librarian, will lead the department through the transition from our current organizational model to one which will capitalize on our new technological capabilities. It is anticipated that this transition and uncertainty will be difficult for acquisitions staff.

Acquisitions/Binding will prepare for the advent of DRA. We hope to survey our major vendors this year to see what types of technological capabilities they have which we can take advantage of with DRA. Workflow documents and flow charts will be completed. Profiling of the Acquisitions/Fund Accounting module will occur in FY 1998 and two additional acquisitions staff (Julie Watkins and Jeff Carrico) have joined the acquisitions/fund accounting team.

The binding staff has been preparing for the switch from Heckman to Binding Unlimited. A binding forum was hosted by Acquisitions and Binding in June to introduce library staff to the new binders. Another binding forum will be held in August/September in order for departmental libraries to express concerns and to ask questions of Binding Unlimited staff once the first few shipments have been returned from the bindery. It is hoped that a binding forum will become a yearly event. New equipment will be installed in July and the first shipments will roll out in mid-July.

The publisher-based approval plan will be reviewed by the Acquisitions Librarian and faculty representing departmental libraries along the same model as the university press plan review. It is also hoped that a review of our firm order vendors can be done by our graduate assistant during FY 1998. These reviews hopefully will result in better discounts for the Library.

More needs to be done to integrate gifts and exchange functions into acquisitions routines. An analysis of what is received from our exchange partners is urgently needed.

Technology and the Unit

It is accurate to say that Acquisitions/Binding staff have embraced the new technological tools that have been available. Everyone in Acquisitions/Binding has learned how to communicate via email. Most staff have undergone Windows training classes and many have learned how to use Microsoft Word. Several staff have learned either Access or Excel applications. They have created an Excel database to track serials orders and cancellations, revamped acquisitions statistics using Excel, and managed the standing order transfer with the help of Access. The Library Systems Office, and Rebecca Graham, in particular, has done a terrific job assisting our change to a pc-based environment. Rebecca assisted Annette Schoenberg in learning how to use Dbase to update European blanket order bibliographic records, thus relieving Merdy Smith and Lisa German from these duties. Beth Trotter and Lucille Roberts have been using the web for ordering material from some vendors and Pat Lee uses Academic and Midwest’s web sites for checking claims. It is hoped that in the next year some functions that are done with paper (such as approval plan claiming) will move toward the electronic environment.

Several new computers were installed in acquisitions. Jeff Carrico has assumed many preliminary troubleshooting duties and administers the RISC machine which houses the Innovative serial records. Marci Uihlein and Lisa Gibbs are helping those needing a bit of extra assistance navigating in the windows environment. Joyce Catchings has become the owner of all superwylbur accounts on LCS freeing the acquisitions librarian of this responsibility. More uses of EDI should follow as we move towards DRA.

Another high priority for the Acquisitions Department this year is the development of a useful web home page.

Space and Facilities

To borrow from last year’s annual report, "at the best of times, 246 Library has been cramped." This is truer than ever before with the addition of two more people and their work areas. No relief is likely until some paper files can be removed from the room. The binding area has a critical problem with space. Since the new binder picks up and delivers every two weeks, more material needs to be stored in binding. Bart Clark is assisting binding in finding a remedy to this problem. The mailroom area keeps shrinking due to the creation of computer space for the Library Systems Office.

Some Observations on Statistics for FY96

The statistical report is attached. In comparing this past fiscal year to the previous one, some highlights emerge: monographic orders were down by only 1% · serial orders were up about 20% · serial cancellations were down almost 50% · Approval receipts represented 39.5 % of all FY 97 monographic receipts.


Professional Staff, FTE 2.0 Graduate Assistants, FTE .25 Staff, FTE 29.25 Students, FTE 2.75 .

  Name Date of Employment
  Karen Schmidt 10/1/82
  Lisa German 11/1/96
Graduate Assistant    
  Rosina Neginsky 1/21/97
  Betty Albert 8/27/56
  Mary Anderson 12/11/79
  Irene Bauman 8/5/96
  Jessica Beverly 9/1/96
  Jeffrey Carrico 2/14/94
  Joyce Catchings 2/25/88
  David Chapman 2/2/81
  Kathryn Clayton 2/7/94
  Naomi Crow 6/12/95
  Renee Ellis 9/1/96
  Lisa Gibbs 7/14/86
  Willa Harper 8/12/85
  Harry Hendershot 2/2/81
  Karen Huffman 5/21/95
Jaelyn Jefferson 2/15/82
Betsy Karlberg 12/9/85
Pat Lee 2/26/95
Marilyn Lindholm 6/16/86
Tonya McCoy 6/16/96
Linda Morris 1/4/89
Sudha Ramaswamy 9/13/93
James Remington 4/19/93
Lucille Roberts 6/9/70
Annette Schoenberg 10/5/78
Betty Smith 11/4/85
Debbie Smith 2/10/97
Beth Trotter 8/31/82
Marci Uihlein 1/18/94
Julie Watkins 7/27/76
Charlotte Wingstrom 5/16/77
Lynda Wirth 3/13/80


Acquisitions and Binding Statistics FY 97

Grand Totals  
Monographic Orders 20,281
Serial Orders 314
Monographic Cancellations 701
Serial Cancellations 283
Serial Retires 163
Total Serial Title Loss 446
Monographic Receipts Total Pieces 65,622
Serials - New Titles Added 337
Binding Total 44,556