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Federated Search Pilot Project Implementation Team
("the Feds")

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Team Charge:

The Federated Search Pilot Project Implementation Team ( “the Feds”) is appointed by and reports to the Library’s Access Strategy Team (AST).   The Feds team is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the pilot implementation of an information portal at the UIUC Library.  The team collaborates as needed with the OpenURL Link Resolver Implementation Team (OLRIT) to insure that link resolution is enabled for the information resources and services selected for inclusion in the pilot project.  

The UIUC undergraduate community is the target user group for the pilot project; the information sources and services selected for the pilot project are aimed specifically at undergraduate research needs. Selected instructors/sections of the freshman Rhetoric classes will be asked to serve as a focus group and to assist in evaluating the undergrad portal.

The Federated Search Pilot Project Implementation Team’s responsibilities are to: 1) develop a statement of goals for the pilot project; 2) develop and maintain a project plan and timeline for the pilot; 3) create and maintain a web site to keep Library personnel up-to-date on the project; 4) select the information resources and services to be included in the pilot portal; 5) customize the portal system to include the selected resources and services; 6) design and test the pilot user interface; 7) collaborate with OLRIT to ensure that link resolution is enabled for the pilot information resources and services; 8) ensure that appropriate user authorization mechanisms are in place; 9) collaborate with the Library Training Team on  the development and presentation of portal training sessions for Library employees; 10) collaborate on the development of training materials for Library users; 11) evaluate and document the success of the pilot project in meeting its stated goals: 12) recommend goals and priorities for maintaining and enhancing the undergrad portal and for implementing additional information portals at UIUC.

It is expected that federated search software will be available for UIUC to begin local customization in early 2005 and the pilot portal will be available for undergrads to use by the beginning of fall semester 2005 or sooner. The Feds team will regularly update the AST on its progress.  The final report of the Team should be presented to the Access Strategy Team by November 1, 2005.


David Ward (co-leader)
Peggy Steele (co-leader)
Susan Avery
Naun Chew
Jon Gorman (Visiting Research Information Specialist)
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe
JoAnn Jacoby
Bill Mischo
Dawn Schmitz