September 2009 Continuing Education Program Presentaion Topics and Abstracts

Name(in alphabetical order)
Hung-yun Chang, Presenter
Barbara Ford, Presenter
Shuyong Jiang, Team leader and PI
Yuan Yao, Presenter
Haiwang Yuan, Presenter

Hung-yun Chang Presentation

Presentation topic: Public Library Services—New York Public Library, its Branch System and Services

Abstract:The purpose of the presentation is to discuss the branch library system and service based on this system. The presentation will introduce particularly the branch system of the New York Public Library. Meticulous As one of world most renowned public libraries, The New York Public Library has two systems: the research library system (4 libraries) and the branch library system (87 branches). After a brief history of the NYPL, the presentation will discuss how the different departments work together. First, it discusses the Library’s collection development, including its general guidelines for collection development, and its special collections and special services, such as Picture Collection, AskNYPL, Job Search Central, World Languages Collection, Braille and Talking Book Library; Secondly, it will discuss user services, including how to train a reference librarian; Community Outreach Services which includes Adult Programs, Correctional Services, Older Adults Services; Literacy Projects, Book Discussion Groups.   The presentation ends with a description of the mission and values of the New York Public Library. 

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Barbara J. Ford & Shuyong Jiang Presentation

Presentation topic: Library Assessment and Professional Development

Abstract: Library Assessment will include an overview of the topics and a review of tools available from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, the Public Library Association, states in the United States, the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and National Center for Education Statistics. Special ratings and awards such as Hennen's American Public Library Ratings and those from various media will be covered.  The importance of listening to customers and focusing on outcomes and the quality of life will also be discussed.  The fact that the fate of most public libraries in the U.S. is entirely a local matter will be emphasized. 

Professional and Staff Development will include a discuss of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Quality Guidelines and the American Library Association's Core Values of Librarianship.  The topic of the Library Director's role in setting the tone and culture for the library will include a discussion of director's responsibilities and skills.  Managing people including recruitment, hiring, retention and performance management through evaluations, discipline, recognizing good performance, and training and development will be covered.  Certification activities of the American Library Association Allied Professional Association will be the final topic.  The importance of excellent well educated and trained staff will be emphasized.

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Shuyong Jiang Presentation

Presentaion Topic: Library Management and Operation

Abstract: Library management is a science as well as an art. It is because there are well established principles that are necessary to the operation of a library and that the manager must exercise social and emotional intelligence to get things done efficiently and effectively. This presentation will first discuss the hierarchical structure of the public libraries and the branch system of public libraries. The special function of the state libraries is also mentioned. Then, it goes into details to discuss two most important aspects of the library administration: the human resource management and financial recourse management, in regards to the mission of the public library. For human resource, it only focuses on the recruitment, since the professional development will cover the review process and staff evaluation. For financial resources management, it also includes some materials prepared by Susan Schnuer on fundraising and grant writing. Other parts of the management are also touched upon. In conclusion, it emphasis that dealing with people and enabling them to do their best, and managing the budget and finances in order to use monetary resources to the best advantage of the library are the two major challenges in library management. 

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Yuan Yao Presentation

Presentaion Topic: Public Library Law and Legislation in the United States

Abstract: By examining the public library law and legislation in the United States, the presentation is aiming to discuss the basic principles and practical considerations in the framing of public library legislation. 

The presentation begins with a brief history of the public library in U.S. to explain the legal basis of its present system: educational value, board form of government, and tax support. To clarify the framing of the legislation in U.S., a few basic factors about how the American system of government operates, the role of the U.S. Constitution, and how federal, state, and local governments interact are reviewed.

Then, the presentation quotes the basic philosophy and policies in a number of state laws to demonstrate how the states incorporate the library as a public good in law. Federal library legislation is covered next, describing its state-based funding approach to influence and strengthen library services. Other critical sate and federal laws related to libraries are also reviewed, including intellectual freedom, privacy, copyright, Internet filtering, etc. 

The presentation concludes by suggesting a few basic principles and practical considerations in public library legislation and emphasizing the importance and need of energetic and proactive advocacy by librarians to ensure good laws are passed and implemented for the development and growth of public libraries. 

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Yuan Yao & Barbara J. Ford Presentation

Presentaion Topic: Academic Libraries and Library Association

Abstract: The presentation discusses the collections, personnel, and structures of academic, special libraries and points out the issues and challenges these libraries are facing. It also provides activities and programs these library are engaged to confront these challenges in the new technology and economic environment. The presentation also gives detailed discussion of library organizations, such as International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), American Library Association (ALA) and Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). These organizations have been active in advocating libraries and library services; promoting standards and core values, as well as encouraging life-long learning and professional education.

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Haiwang Yuan Presentation

Presentaion Topic: Public Relations and Their Values—Studying a Successful Case in the Partnership of a Public Library with an Academic Library and a Bookseller

Abstract: This presentation is a case study of how Warren County Public Library at Bowling Green, KY engages in its public relations work by actively involving itself in a partnership with Western Kentucky University (WKU) Libraries and the local Barnes & Noble Booksellers. By citing some of the activities the library, along with its partnership, has been conducting, such as the Southern Kentucky Book Fest and related events, this presentation will answer the following questions: Where does the funding come from? What motivates public library to enter the partnership? What does each of the partners bring to the partnership? How do they share the cost of the partnership? What’s the key to the success of the partnership? What other public relations activities has the library been doing outside the partnership? Who’s coordinating the PR efforts? What role does the library director play in the PR efforts? How do the partnership and its events benefit the public library? What’s the benefit to the patrons and community? What has the public library been doing to help promote the local economy? What challenges does the public library face and how to tackle them?  

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