May 2009 Continuing Education Program Presentaion Topics and Abstracts

Name(in alphabetical order)
Robert Fernekes, Presenter
Mengxiong Liu, Presenter
Susan Schnuer, Co-Pi from UIUC
Sha Li Zhang, Team Leader
Wenwen Zhang, Presenter
Lisa Zhao, Presenter

Dr. Bob Fernekes Presentation

Presentation topic: Library Assessment

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to introduce library assessment — its concepts, principles and terminology.  Library assessment should be Fun.  My initial focus will be on providing an assessment overview covering key methods and practices, and the role of the library’s vision and mission statements in guiding the actions of your library.  Learn how library assessment can become a means for librarians and staff to communicate to customers and community stakeholders about the benefits and value of the library – its services, programs and activities.  Throughout the presentation, I will discuss the information sources that are relevant to your study and implementation of library assessment.  We will put it all together – the terms, principles and concepts by examining in detail the five perspectives of a Library Balanced Scorecard, as well as describing the performance measures and outcomes for assessing each perspective.

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Robert Fernekes

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Dr. Mengxiong Liu Presentation

Presentation topic: Public Library Services

Abstract: This presentation delivers a general overview of the services in public library. It includes the basic principles of public library services; the scope of public library services summarized by McCook (4 service categories), Nelson (18 service responses) and McClure & Jaeger (8 key service roles); the method of identifying and selecting service priorities (community analysis and user survey); and standards and guidelines of public services. The presenter will elaborate on the theory and practice of reference service, readers’ advisory, adult services, youth services, and programming in the public library, and give examples of service practices at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. Finally, the presenter will introduce the digital library experience in public library services.

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Mengxiong Liu

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Sha li Zhang & Susan Schnuer Presentation

Presentation topic: U.S. public libraries’ administration and operating infrastructure

Abstract: The establishment of public libraries in U.S. is a unique phenomenon.  U.S. public libraries are supported mainly by local tax revenues, open to all citizens and offer services and programs to meet the needs of the communities where the libraries are located.  While the role of public libraries is continuing evolving with social, economic, cultural, and technological changes through U.S. history, public libraries as community centers, welcoming facilities, comfortable and safe gathering places, an intellectual environment for lifelong learning and other individual pursuits are the special marks for public libraries.

In this presentation, Sha Li Zhang and Susan Schnuer will cover the following topics: 1. U.S. public libraries’ administration and operating structures through looking into the roles played by federal government through legislations and state library agencies; 2. U.S. public libraries’ funding sources and budget process with a case analysis from a municipal public library; 3. Identify funding sources and strategies for external fundraising to support library services and programs (Susan Schnuer); 4. Public library standards and statistical data as the tools to measure library performance and as bases for policy-making.

Throughout the presentation, the interactive activities with audience and opportunities for questions and answers will be provided.

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Sha Li Zhang
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Susan Schnuer
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Wenwen Zhang Presentation

Presentaion Topic: Library Public Relations Activities

Abstract: Library public relations involve everybody who has connection with the library. A successful public relationship program seeks to establish a positive image of the library, involves the community using communication and outreach activities, and promotes the library services and programs. The speaker will discuss the strategies and methodologies for developing public relations, using the Greater Los Angeles area public libraries as an example.

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Wenwen Zhang

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Lisa Zhao Presentation

Presentaion Topic: Libraries and Laws in the U.S. -- The Practice of American Libraries

Abstract: Laws related to libraries, in the United States (U.S.), can be generally divided into two categories: 1. laws that specifically target at libraries; 2. the regular laws, i.e., laws that are designed for whole society. As public institutions, libraries need to comply with these laws, such as American with Disability Act, Copyright laws, and laws for protecting personal information. This presentation will focus on the first category.

In the U.S., the Constitution is the summit of the law. A legislative act contrary to the Constitution is not law. The content of this presentation will include three sections: 1. briefly introduce the structure of U.S. laws and the process of legislation in the U.S.; 2. use sample of issues in the U.S. Code and in three state laws (New York, Illinois and California) to introduce how the library are defined and regulated in the federal and state laws respectively; 3. introduce the experience and contributions of library associations, libraries and librarians in the U.S. making efforts for the rights and benefits of libraries and their users in the process of legislations.

The presentation aims to spread the spirit of U.S. librarianship in devoting to serve all people for their interest, information, and enlightenment. Libraries and librarians should make efforts for building a legal environment to protect such significant work.

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